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 Daryl Henry Chesley

We Can Do Better

I believe in:

  • Private Property Owner Rights
  • Limited, Accountable and Efficient Local Government
  • Continuous Improvement

Here's what sets me apart:  As a member of the Board of Supervisors, I will work to support all County Staff as well as every citizen.  By supporting Staff with everything they need, we can do a better job to support our Citizens.

So, How do we support staff?  By providing them with the training and support they need; and as a county, implementing one of the several models, or methodologies, for continuous improvement.  There are several .     As a county,  we are doing really well.  Through my leadership I will make it OK to say "we can improve".  By saying we can do better in no way means we're not doing well now!

By providing Staff the structure and support to do their jobs in a more efficient and effective way, while also systematically reducing waste, we all benefit.  I will influence the culture of Staff to one that embraces feedback and uses feedback for process improvement.  An improved county staff = improved services for citizens = continuous improvement.

The challenges of local government are as wide as they are important.  Listed below are just some of the thoughts and ideas I have.  

I'd really appreciate hearing from you.  Please take a moment to fill out a "Contact" form and tell me your ideas and how you'd like your local government to serve you.

I'd love to have your join our team.  Fill out the "Volunteer" info and help us all improve!

Distributed Leadership is Better Leadership

My motivation for running comes from many areas.  First and foremost, I believe I will do a better job representing you than the incumbent.  Looking over the past 7+ years, I feel my values and actions are more aligned with yours; and my experiences will bring a new perspective to the Board, that will make the board better.  Specifically, an eye towards process improvement and waste elimination.
Second, and I know this resonates with many of you that I’ve already spoken with, is not allowing an uncontested Supervisor position.  Shame on me for not running for this position 4 years ago!
Next, I have taken great care in studying the core documents of our local government – to include the Comprehensive Plan and our Strategic Plan.  While both of these plans are good, I see multiple opportunities for improvement.  (I need to point out here that opportunities for improvement are OK!  No organization is perfect.)  What I do want to point out though, is that organizations that are simply OK with doing things the way they’ve always been done are going to be surpassed by organizations that are continually trying to do better.
I strongly believe our County Staff – teachers, safety officers, support staff – are doing the best that they can, given the current leadership in the BOS.  My contention is that the BOS, specifically from Henry district, is not providing the leadership or accountability necessary to develop our staff, and consequently our County, to its fullest potential.

Term Limits & Status Quo

After two terms we all know an elected leader's character.  Without change, we can predict our future - get used to more high density housing projects without corresponding supports for services.

I will bring humility, a process improvement mindset, new ideas, and a culture of supporting county staff to provided greater service to the BOS.

Supervisors to Support Continuous Improvement

Hanover County Staff deserves Board of Supervisors support

Elected School Board

I have worked in schools divisions with elected school boards and also with appointed school board.  In my opinion, elected schools board support a stronger diversity of thought among leaders and ultimately provide a stronger system to support teaching and learning.

In an appointed school board situation, accountability can get lost and boundaries/responsibilities can get blurred - or worse...the boundaries don't exist and those who do not have oversight of the school division have a negative impact by overreaching.

I support a thorough examination - and county wide vote - of moving to an elected school board system.

Strong relationship between BOS and Schools is critical

A recent report indicates an opportunity for improvement for HCPS schools.    I have experience working in school divisions that have a positive working relationship with the local gov't.  In that case, wonderful successes are found.

Unfortunately, I also have experience where the School/Local Gov't are at odds and the quality of the school division suffers.

As Supervisor, I will work to ensure the best for our teachers, students, administrators and community!

Property Owner Rights

My strong belief is that a local government must protect the rights of property owners

Support for Education

For too long, Henry district teachers and administrators have lacked true support from the BOS.

Public Safety

Hanover County Sheriff's Office is to be commended - and supported!

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