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Supervisors to Support Continuous Improvement

Here is where my experience in continuous improvement will help every citizen in Hanover.  While right now we are doing well, there is always an opportunity for improvement.  Much like I could improve my health with a fitness trainer, our County will benefit by having in place a formal process for improvement.

Leading industries publish a "Dashboard" of Key Performance Indicators for their customers to view.   We need to get to a place where we are doing that in Hanover.   

We need to identify what those key performance indicators are, and measure them over time.  AND, share those results with Citizens in a real time way.

The Baldrige Excellence Framework  is one formal program that provides the support and guidance to help organizations improve.   Lean Six Sigma is a method that encourages team efficiencies and reduces wastes.  There are many more.

What we need to do in Hanover is to commit to improvement!  So many of the leading industries and localities are using these strategies to improve.  By being a Supervisor, I commit to do just that. 

Committee to Elect Daryl Chesley
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